July 31, 2020

White Dog came in and looked around. "Nope, don't see it." I made Zsofia move from her place next to me; it wasn't there. Steve came in and even took the flashlight down and looked under the dresser. We moved my computer cart.

"It cannot have just vanished," I cried in frustration. I had been working on the grocery list and set my pen on the desktop to click open my electronic calendar of meals for the week so I could crosscheck needs. The pen rolled off my desk and when I went to pick it up after opening the document on screen it had disappeared. I checked around where I was sitting, the desk drawer, all around me on the floor. Then I called in a search team. No one could find it.

I am a pen lover. I have a favorite that I use all of the time; that has traveled the world with me. My Little Red Tombow had gone to Costa Rica and back and I had lost it in my bedroom!

"Don't think about it," White Dog advised, "it will turn up when you are not so focused on it." Steve volunteered to do a thorough search after we had put the cart away and I had gone into the living room.

But it did not turn up. Sadly we ate dinner and closed up the windows against the darkness. Opal, sitting on the Watcher Chair, jumped off as Steve reached across her to close the blinds.
Something flashed as it fell to the floor and pinged against the "Timeout" crate. "What was that?" WD wondered. Steve bent down as he moved the crate aside. "How did this get out HERE?" he asked looking at Opal.

"It doesn't matter," White Dog answered, her mouth full of my pen as she returned it to me. "What was lost is now found."

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meowmeowmans said...

No telling how it got there, but we sure are glad you found your favorite pen! Oh, and for what it's worth ... I am super particular about the pens I use, too, so I get it! :)