February 24, 2021

White Dog sat with me and watched the line at the dog door to head out. First, Opal banged through the door. Zsofia rocked back a little and followed the swing of the door and when it swung outward she nimbly stepped through. Bailey stood back a bit; she had seen the movement outside...the movement that someone was heading inward through the door. The door pendulumed to the interior allowing Roman to hop through and pass his sister as the flap reversed course...Bailey checked its momentum and quickly moved to head out.

I laughed. "Watching the White Dog Army in and out in a stream reminds me of playing double dutch jump rope as a child," I told her. WD did not understand. I swung the computer screen to face her and googled an image...

"You did THIS?" White Dog asked me in amazement. "Not the jumping but I was a good twirler," I said, " the Army shows the same skills of timing and anticipating things swinging and others coming and going. You are all quite impressive."


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