February 26, 2021

White Dog and all of the White Dog Army was soundly asleep. The humans were just getting settled under the blankets in the darkness of the bedroom. Suddenly Roman sprang to his feet and started pawing madly to be released from his crate. 

"That is not like him," I said as Our Boy refused to be calmed. Steve sighed and climbed out from the warmth. "Maybe he needs to go outside." He unlatched Roman's crate and expected him to bolt outside to ease an unexpected urge but instead Roman took off into the living room.

"Check to see if the van is ok," I mumbled as Steve hurried after and the others in the room began to stir.

I could hear Roman insisting that the kitchen gate be opened. A short time later, Roman trotted back into the bedroom and out of the dog door. I heard the kitchen door open and close. I reached to have the phone in my hand should an emergency call be required but the boys were soon returned. 

Roman hopped into his crate and immediately went back to sleep. Steve, cold from the outdoors, slid into bed and wrapped the covers around himself. 

"Well?" I asked. 

""Well what?" "What was all the ruckus so late at night? What set Roman off from a deep sleep?"

"Oh, the mice are back. Caught one in the trap I set earlier. Roman heard the trap spring, I guess. Goodnight."

"Yes, good night. I will join you in sleep as soon as my heart stops pounding from the middle of the night excitement." 


meowmeowmans said...

Way to make sure everything is as it should be, Roman. We can understand how that scared Mom, though!

Adele said...

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