April 14, 2021

White Dog looked out. "Everypup is absolutely fixated on the new dogs next door," she observed. "And they do seem to be barky things."

"They are hanging out on the second floor balconies," I said, "and one of them sounds like a puppy. I think dad met the humans but not the four-leggeds."

"Well Roman, Opal, Bailey and Zsofia have gone out back several times and woofed introductions." White Dog filled me in. "but I am not sure with the trees leafing out that anyone has clearly SEEN them  Opal has been watching at the side window in case they go out for walkies or to the car; no luck yet."

"Maybe this weekend you and dad can go over bearing some peanut butter treats for the pups as sort of a welcome, then you could get the whole scoop."


NanĂ¼k said...

Woooooo! Pops always tells me to be polite to the neighbors. Doesn't he know we huskerboos like to chat?? Play bows,


Random Felines said...

Barky new neighbors? How interesting