April 16, 2021

White Dog walked almost a complete lap around the yard with Steve. "If you are thinking of carrying out dinner," she told himas she paused for a breath, "I know this has been a crazy busy week for you and it is a good idea. Anyway, I kind of have a craving for fried shrimp." Steve stopped and looked at her. "Really? You would eat shrimps along with your put on weight slurry?" "Count on me to eat six of them," she declared.

They came in and announced that we were ordering the fried shrimp and more family meal from the local seafood place for dinner WITH the green beans that are a family favorite. "Can I have a shrimp AND a fish fillet?" Bella immediately asked. "Lots of green beans topped with clam strips and three shrimp," Bailey placed her order. I kept count of the requests and before Steve called in the order I suggested he confirm that we would get two dozen shrimp, six fillets, a half pound of clams strips, 12 oz of scallops, and a large family-sized order of green beans.   

He was laughing when he ended the call. "The order taker thought we were having a party or if it was an ocassion. I told her we were celebrating Friday and a special girl who is working very hard at gettig well. She said those were great reasons to have shrimp."

Roman hopped into the Watching Chair. "I will let you know when the delivry guy pulls up," he said. 

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh wow, what a delicious-sounding meal! A veritable feast!