May 17, 2021

White Dog was promised she would get the full scoop on the momma x-ray at treat time; meanwhile she and Bella were sequestered in the office and Roman in the kitchen. Opal is still shy around strangers so she sat in the hallway where she could see what was going on AND share the highlights with her office-gated sisters.

Over the weekend, momma had some spikes of her glucose numbers that could not be explained. Since I just recently had a mild bout of pneumonia the weekend on-call doctor thought we needed to rule out its return and see if there was a rise in white blood cells. So an x-ray, blood work and urinealysis was ordered. My regular home nurse comes on Tuesday and a blood draw was already in the plans. A chest x-ray was scheduled for this afternoon. My regular doctor returns on Tuesday and will review all that has transpired in her timeoff.

Thank dog, the technician LOVES dogs, especially Sibes, since both Zsofia and Bailey saw his visit as an opportunity to expand their supervisory and medical skills.

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meowmeowmans said...

How nice that the nurse was a dog lover! :)

Mom Sue, we are purring and praying that everything checks out well. XO