July 26, 2021

White Dog struggled to relax enough to sleep. For those times, Dr. Julia has prescribed one-half tablet of trazadone to calm her and ease her night-time anxiety. We are reluctant to use this medication but trembling whimpers break that resolve in favor of helping the Little White Dog of My Heart still the boogeymen that keep her too scared to rest.

We ground up the relaxant and mixed it with apple juice to make sure it would be completely swallowed. Steve held her in his arms in the dark next to her bed rocking and softly humming a lullaby. Twenty minutes later he rejoined us in the bedroom and quietly announced that White Dog was sleeping peacefully. 

All of us now could prepare for our own bedtime knowing that White Dog would restfully sleep through the night.

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meowmeowmans said...

Aww, we are glad sweet White Dog will be able to sleep through the night. XO