September 19, 2021

White Dog was heard alerting Steve. "Hang out the complaint department sign, the dissatisfied are massing."

The White Dog Army lined up for this morning's coffee time. It was a new blend, a bit less robust but still flavorful with a great aroma. Mind you, even the change is hard to discern in the WDA cup which is half heavy cream and half coffee but Steve asked for feedback as he handed the cup in for me to share.

Not one of the Coffee Club had a comment...not Roman, not Bailey, not Opal...until I reached Zsofia who waits at the end of the line. She sniffed and held her nose over the cup. Then she drew in a deeper breath before turning to look at me.

"I don't know, momma. Something is not right." She hovered over the cup. "It is not the coffee itself, but is dad trying to cut back on the cream? It seems a couple of splashes short of the usual mixture. The cup REALLY needs the missing moo juice; can we get some more?" 

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