September 23, 2021

White Dog joined the rest of the White Dog Army in the living room to greet Lyndzy, my home nurse. They have grown to look forward to her weekly visits because she takes time to say "hello" to each individual...and she is a strong advocate for me as our team works to keep me healthy.

We had an extra long visit with her today as we waited for a tech to come to the house to, as she said, "run a strip." Her exam should that I was experiencing a bit of A-fib and she wanted a confirmation as part of deciding our next step.

While we waited, the WDA quizzed her on her knowledge of the Army...of momma...and even asked "What if momma had..." questions to test her knowledge. She took it in good stride.

If took longer to pull off the sticky discs than to run the actual EKG which showed I WAS having some arrhythmia. She phoned the doctor. The end result, the dose of my heart medication was reduced from twice to one daily and we are to track my heart rate and blood pressure several times a day. 

Which prompted a WDA/ Dad discussion over me about how many times "several" was. 

Addendum: Friday my heart rate was stable but a bit highr than normal. When I called in the data, we decided the slight increase was the result of decreasng my med and that I would continue on the once daily regimen and annnotating the results until I see her again next Wednesday. No reason for concern, dear followers but it is keeping my furry nurses quite busy.

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meowmeowmans said...

We're so glad the WDA enjoys Lyndzy's visits, and that she is such a great home nurse for you. Glad to hear there's no reason for concern with your heart stuff.