September 25, 2021

White Dog smiled reassuringly at Opal. "THAT is a face that says I love momma but I am not so sure about dad picking me up and puttig me in her lap. Do not worry, sister, it will be all good."

Opal has been madly chewing on both of her front wrists and paws...to the point they are very red and irritated. This morning I mentioned to her in passing that she was inviting an infection and that I would wash up her feet and apply some hot spot spray...but I did not say when for fear she would work herself up to running outside and hiding.

After dinner Steve stepped around her to close the blinds; she ignored him. That was the opportunity to scoop her up for treatment.

She was patient, surprisingly, and was thrilled to discover that a treat was the reward for her cooperation. White Dog looked over and smiled again. "Now THAT is the face that says only one treat? You did do TWO legs."

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