October 17, 2021

White Dog gushed, "You will not believe the improvement, momma. Dad has hung all of the new blinds AND he had a brilliant idea  to protect the window glass from any pup accidently going through. LOOK at these photos! In person later you will see it is even better!"

She continued, "Plexiglas was the solution. Both windows are protected but the view is not blocked. The plex goes higher than anyone can reach or jump through and it is almost invisible. Isn't dad wonderful?"
"Now there are TWO watching windows...twice the WDA coverage...no scrambling to get the chair with the best view...EVERY pup is happy."

I kissed White Dog's head. "I love it! Momma is very happy with the outcome even without tapestry tapes on the blinds."

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Stephen Sehi-Smith said...

You need to look into the office to see the tapestry tapes on the blinds now, as the old living room blinds have been repurposed in a new location.