December 2, 2021

White Dog's health is a graph of ups and downs; we have learned to look at trends rather than particular moments. Yes, sometimes those moments require extra attention or pain medication but the overall picture is better seen with more distance. Even knowing that, when White Dog hits a rough patch it is hard to keep perspective and not let the mind play the most fearful "what if" games.

The past three days have been a rough patch. Not in a catastrophic or physically compelling way...she still is enjoying meals, LOTS of treats, cookies and TV before bed, and responds well to massages and exercise in her cart. But she has been more moan-y and more demanding of attention. It has seemed hard for her to get comfortable so we have danced between increasing her gabapentin and letting her fuss a bit to avoid the zombie napping gabapentin sometimes brings about.

This momma always gets a little anxious at these times as I stare at her gently rising chest or watch for a tremor repeat. Today, I noticed that I am not the only White Dog observer. Bailey rested, relaxed, on her paws across the room but her gaze was fixed on WD. Opal found way more reasons than normal to walk past her sister's bed to take a lap of water. It made me glad to know the Army was aware and there for her. And I said out loud (as much for myself as for the WDA), "Little White Dog of My Heart, you are SO loved and worried over. I hope you can feel the power all the way deep into your soul."



NanĂ¼k said...

Love, from afar, from the pack here,

Nuk & family

24 Paws of Love said...

Hold on little one. 24 Paws are with you as well. ♥