January 26, 2022

Because it is impossible for Roman to eat ice cream from a spoon he remains in his crate until after dessert has been shared. He measures every spoonful each of his sisters receive and calculates how much should remain in the bowl for him to enjoy.

Truth be told, momma always saves a touch "extra" as a reward for his patience. After the others have eaten and licked their spoonsful and wandered off, Roman comes over and sits politely waiting to be asked, "Would you care for some (flavor of the day) ice cream?" Tonight, it was mint but the answer is never "No Thank You."

On occasion, one or another of the others must be waved off with the reminder, "You have had yours, now leave Roman be." It took Diva no time at all to try the "sit off at a distance and look like the Margaret Keane big-eyed waif" model of begging; it sometimes works on dad but momma is too hard hearted for the pity thing to play well. Mis D sighs and trundles off looking for the more understanding dad...and Roman finishes his dessert in peace.


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NanĂ¼k said...

Mmmmm, tasty! Play bows dear furiend,