May 27, 2022


"Would love to hangout with you momma but it is supposed to rain maybe and I want to watch the storm gather."

"I love when the winds get gusty and ruffle my furs. The air starts to smell so earthy and rich. The clouds just swell and push each other until they cover the sun; it is like watching a movie."

"You sounds like a poet, Zso," I told her. "But remember that just because the sky gets grey and overcast it does not mean that actual rain will fall."

Later after bedtime walks I wrapped my arm around Zsofia. "You are not too disappointed that the rain did not come are you? It would have been nice we so desperately need it." She rested her head over my shoulder. "I still enjoyed watching the storm build up; it was beautiful and full of energy even if it passed us by." 

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