June 21, 2022

Our first day of Summer was rainy...not that we didn't appreciate the sorely needed moisture but it was a disappointment to anticipation of a perfect summer introduction...not too hot, but sunny with the prospects for yard games of bounce and dig followed by a barbecue and star gazing.

Our souls needed that kind of day lest Summer start out with dreariness that trap us in negativity. 

"Come on," I called the White Dog Army to gather around the computer. "Let's make it Summer in our world. Think about it hard. Name the things of Summer for me and we will make a picture of what Summer has in store for us."

Welcome to the Summer Solstice, WDA-style.

We did not have watermelon (I promised it for the weekend) but there were yummy lamb kebobs and strawberry ice cream for dessert. We even forgave the stars from hiding behind the clouds.

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meowmeowmans said...

How nice that you can make your own celebration of all that is yet to come. Happy Solstice, sweet friends!