July 7, 2022


They started "reminding" me a full hour before afternoon treat time. First, it was friendly visits, then kisses, then taps, then when it seemed I was ignoring them it was woeful cries of neglect.

"I see the time," I told them. "Treat time is a LONG way off.And no, we won't have early treats "just this once." I have work to finish up so go find something to do. Go outside it is a lovely day." My lord, I thought; I have become my mother.

There was much hurmphing as Bailey, Lilly, and Zsofia stomped through the dog door. 

They came back in, still early for treats, and Zsofia hopped up next to me on the bed. She stretched to lick my face and I turned her snout away. "You have been poop eating, haven't you?"

"What did you expect, momma? We were STARVING and you would not feed us. NOW can we have treats?"

"Treats as promised but NO kisses," was my response.

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meowmeowmans said...

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures, but even for treats, that seems a bit extreme, Zso!