June 30, 2022


The Postal Delivery Person drill has been fine tuned across many iterations of White Dog Army members. It starts when the "USPS spotted" alarm goes up from the Watching Chair usually manned by Opal. Zsofia and Roman rush to take over window duty; their job is to give a constant stream of information telling the others the progress of the mail down the block toward our house.

Opal jumps down and runs sprints to alert Steve in the office and momma in the bedroom that the mail is "incoming."

Lilly and Diva head to the front door and wait to hear the sound of mail landing in Le Bag, the sack inside our mail slot that keeps the mail fom being mistaken as treats or manna from heaven. When it lands they add their "It's Here!" chorus to the song so that Steve will know to come claim it. 

Taking advantage of the busyness of the others, Bailey comes in and stretches out in the big crate. Bai looks at me and tilts her head; "Are you expecting anything special, momma?" With a negative response, she gives a deep humph bray in the general direction of the windows before closing her eyes to nap.

Opal, Zso, Roman and Diva watch out of the windows and sing until they see the mailtruck drive past, meaning that distribution on this block is complete. With a final "same time tomorrow," the Army heads off to do WDA things.  

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