August 16, 2022


"The Birthday dinner has arrived," Roman announced. "What special feast do you have for me?" Steve asked as he carried the order to the kitchen to be plated. The White Dog Army began calling out the Cajun seafood goodies being unwrapped. "It smells wonderful," Steve told them.

"And momma found some vintage Anthony Bourdain tv shows to watch while we eat. She said it will be like traveling the world instead of being stuck eating in the bedroom," Zsofia explained.

"And now it is time for key lime pie," Opal declared as Steve set down his fork. "Personally, I have been waiting ALL day for this creamy sweet part of the celebration," Bailey admitted.

"Will I like this?" Lilly wanted to know. Her drooling response to her first bite provided the answer.

As everyone stretched into comfortable digestive positions and we switched to listening to Vangelis, Zsofia called the WDA to attention, "All of us, and Siku wants you to know the heavenly WDA stands with us, want to thank you, Dad, for the millions of things you do for us...but mostly, thank you for filling our hearts and lives with love. Happy Birthday from all of us."


Stephen Sehi-Smith said...

Thans SO MUCH for an absolutely wonderful birthday - the best one in years!

Gus said...

Love Cajun food. Not much available here, so if I want it, I cook it. And that is fun too! Happy Birthday to all of you! .

24 Paws of Love said...

Happy Birthday Steve!

meowmeowmans said...

What a wonderful celebration for a wonderful dad! Happy birthday, Dad Steve!