August 8, 2022

Lilly, Opal, and Bailey took positions around me on the bed. "Would it be ok if we worked together on a special project to help the planet" Opal asked as all three eyed rhe pile of tissues on the bedtable. My momma spidey-sense tingled as Bai continued. "You always say, if everyone just does a little the world would get better."

"So tell me about your project," I prompted.

Lilly explained, "basically, it is recycling," Bailey giggled, "only kleenex, paper plates, and food wrappers to start, "Yes." Lilly continued. "we would process the garbage into fertilizer and give it to gardeners gratis, Great idea. huh?"

It took me a minute. "You want to eat the stuff dad won't let you eat in the name environmentalism? VERY clever, but until your business plans include a budget for Dr. Julia emergency visits, I think not."

"I told you she would not buy it," Opal muttered to her sisters before looking back at me. Even if we have the perfect name" 


Gus said...

Oh wise and

Gus said...

Oh wise and strong humans. If presented here the idea would have passed immediately
DAd is strong on recycling. We would have had a mess!

meowmeowmans said...

Well, we suppose it was worth asking. Right? ;-)