November 30, 2022

As we were preparing to start our evening walks, Lilly asked, "November was a really sad month for us, dad. I saw a roadrunner today, and I didn't even feel like wooing at her. Will we ever start to feel better?"

"Ah dear Lilly," I sighed, "the days are short and the nights are long. Even the roadrunners go to bed early. We need to hold each other tight and take comfort in each other's arms. Let's finish walks, have some delicious bedtime treats, and cuddle together. We can remember all the happy times we spent with Momma. That will make us feel better." 

Dearest Sue, your heart is made of stars, and you will shine on us forever. Your grace will light up our lives and you will dance your twinkling feet to celestial music.



TimberLove said...

Gentle wooooos mates, may your memories bring you smiles,

Nuk & family

Becky W said...

We all miss her so much. Her "twinkling feet" and presence in the starry night are wonderful reminders of her love. Much love to all of you. Becky and my pack

Brian's Home Blog said...

She will never stop watching over you sweet ones.

24 Paws of Love said...

My heart is broken for all of you. She dancing with you in your hearts and shining star bright. ♥