December 2, 2022


My Greeters

Friedrich Nietzsche said that, "If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how." I continue to struggle with the "how" of my life, but when I arrive home to the greetings in the window, I am reminded of my "why". 

I am greatful that my home is never empty. There may be no one to talk to me, but there are six lovely members of the White Dog Army who are thrilled when I walk in the front door and when I give them as much love as I have inside me. Each of my companions fill my soul with yips and woos and sometimes growls (I'm thinking of you, Roman). Thank you, Sue, for leaving me with Opal, Zsofia, Bailey, Roman, Diva and Lilly. And thanks to you, dear reader who, along with the White Dog Army, form my "why".


Becky W said...

Steve, You and the WDA (present and past) are certainly part of my why and many others also. The how of losing Sue's earthly voice doesn't seem to exist. Much love, Becky

Brian's Home Blog said...

Your why greeters love you so very much.

meowmeowmans said...

We agree with Becky. Steve, you and the WDA are a big part of OUR why. Sue's love and spirit live on and on. XO