March 21, 2023


"Gee, dad, you've worked for 12 hours straight. Remember when we could take afternoon naps?" asked Lilly with a yawn. "It's so tempting to think about that, sweet girl. I've completed everything needed for my deadline today, so I'm thinking I might just take a few hour break on Wednesday and lie down for a rest and, maybe, play with all of you in the yard. The weather will be warm, but windy. We could have some fun! What do you think of my plan?"

"I think you need a break and I'll make sure to remind you if you get too busy!" Lilly smirked at me. "Great! You can sound the alarm when that happens!"

1 comment:

meowmeowmans said...

That does sound like a good pan. Be sure to sound that alarm if necessary, Lily! :-D