April 17, 2023

It often happens in the White Dog Army that clamoring desire is based not so much on need but rather, on the fact that the others are getting something that MAY be delicious.

Diva did not come from a background of culinary diversity. Her true desires run along more traditional dog "likes:" bits of hot dog, soft duck chews, chicken from my dinner plate. To her credit, she will try new options...especially if the rest of the WDA excitedly accepts what is being offered. She has learned to accept and munch away at Diva-size appropriate baby brussels sprouts which are a family favorite, for example. 

Not to be left out Diva also accepts tidbits she is not so sure of, like this morning's blueberry. While this fruit is a key ingredient in our homemade food, THOSE blueberries are mushed up in the food processor and thus have a different texture and initial taste.

Diva sat next to me as we all shared my morning fruit. She politely accepted her blue globe and enjoyed batting it around as the others gobbled theirs. After breakfast she moved to the office recliner to supervise my work. The blueberry was gone and I assumed she finally ate it.

It was not until she jumped down from the chair to join the WDA song to the mail carrier that I discovered that Diva had been roosting on the morning blueberry. Even though she did not want the fruit, she cleverly protected it under her body in case of a change of mind...or maybe as a guard against starvation should real treats get hijacked.


24 Paws of Love said...

How cute! At least she kept it close. Maybe she took it as love from you and didn't want to eat it yet.

Our Blaze had separation anxiety and when we left we would give her a treat. She would save it until we were home and then eat it. It was like her insurance that we would come home.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Hello from Idaho, and I saw your link of on Facebook post, by Mimi.
I think little doggie is pretty darn cute.
If you have time stop by for a cup of coffee.

Power House Mastiffs said...

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JudyMae said...

I hope everything is OK with you and the pups. I always worry when there is a long time between posts on your blog. Hopefully you are just busy. You sure have your hands full.

Anonymous said...

I am repeating the same question/concern as above. Hope that all is well with you, Steve and with the rest of the Army? Prayers & care,
Lucy (Troy, Ohio)

Mimi Lenox said...

Diva wanted that blueberry for herself! What a cutie.

I hope you are doing well, Steve.

TimberLove said...

Miss you Sue, we think of you often,

Thereisnospacebar said...

Hey everyone. Steve is doing fine. He's just been busy.