July 4, 2023

July 4 is a national holiday, and everyone celebrates in their own way. Here at the White Dog Ranch, we celebrate the birth of our Itty Bitty Baby Girl, Zsofia. She came into our lives through the grace of one of my students whose huskies had an adorable litter of wiggly babies. He offered me one of the puppies. How could we say "no"? Happy 9th Birthday, sweet Zsofia. 
Zsofia at 8 weeks old coming home with us
Zsofia's first visit to Dr. Julia
Zsofia being adorable
Sticks are still a favorite!

Zsofia's litter at 4 days old


TimberLove said...

Happy day my friend, love an woooos to you and yours,

Timber and family

Anonymous said...

I remember her homecoming. Hard...no, impossible...to think it's been 9 years. Happy Gotcha Day baby girl!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, it's been nine years already? We remember when Zsofia first came home! Happy birthday, sweet Zso. We hope you get all the sticks your heart desires. :)

Leif said...
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Leif said...
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Leif said...

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Dorothy "FiveSibesMom" said...

Oh, Happy Belated Birthday beautiful Zsofia! Wow, I remember when you first joined the WDA...how was that 9 years ago?! Sending lots of hugs and great wishes for a wonderful Birthday year. Those are all such wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

Miss all of you so much. Peace, love and hugs, Becky W

TimberLove said...

Miss you Sue, may we all meet again,

Becky W said...

Blog for peace day. You never forgot Sue and my heart is doing it with and for you. Much love to you, Steve, and the White Dog Army, Becky W

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Sol said...

Thank you for being a guiding light in your field.