April 27, 2009

White Dog woke me as she struggled to bring something large through the dog door. She banged and twisted and problem-solved until she drew the branch inside. As we slept, White Dog busily chewed the branch into smaller pieces creating a stockpile of items to trade. At first light, she jumped up on the bed, stood on Steve and dropped a twig on his chest for a treat. Groggily, Steve opened the treat bag and made the trade. Then he went back to sleep...but only for about ten minutes as White Dog returned with another trade from her stash! Fortunately for White Dog her timing matched the ring of the alarm clock.


Hana said...

Siku, I love your trading trick!

But why must you decide between your trading trick and your favorite diva tricks (crawl, mark my last words, and dead dog) for the Sammy Snacks video? Could you do all of those tricks in one video?

I hope you receive your Sammy Snacks cheddar cheese snack order soon.

Teddy Bear said...

Good idea on your trading trick, Sike. Thanks for the suggestion.

Teddy Bear

Life With Dogs said...

Maybe she can start a toothpick factory :)

Charlie said...

LOL! I did the same thing. My grandpa was eating icecream on a cone and I begged and begged for some. He only relented when I brought him my toy for exchange.

I love the Trading trick!