April 28, 2009

White Dog helped Steve begin the prep work for redoing our fireplace. When our home was built in the 1930's ( a Sear's kit Craftsman House) the husband used state-of-the-art metal and Terra cotta technology to make the fireplace a gas-driven burner type unit for his new bride. Long ago the gas line was capped off and the unit slipped into non functioning. Adam and Steve are going to open up the firebox again, insulate the chimney, and cover the fireplace in slate. Since tomorrow is trash pickup, Steve removed the old burner insert and with White Dog's help lugged it to the curb. White Dog was surprised by the "hidden" cool brick space revealed. After they swept and vacuumed the open fireplace, White Dog discovered she could comfortably lie on the cool inside floor! I would be happier if she waited until the area was thoroughly cleaned.

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