May 17, 2009

White Dog seems to especially enjoy hosting the agility group in our yard. Every dog in the group consistently runs the course off-lead (finally!). During Play Break today White Dog got a little nervous when the "boys"--tiny Dragon and big slobbering Buster decided to play Chase and Wrestle. The sight of Buster sliming Dragon's back as they tussled was made even grosser when Dragon rolled around flailing in the dirt and green seed "caterpillar" (which clung to his drool slicked coat).

P.S. Congratulations to Candace, Dragon's mom, who graduated from college today.


Hansel said...

we want to get benny to do agility someday too. But first we have to get him to stop pooping in the house. :(

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

I wish I was there to do agility too...Mom said I can't go off lead just yet because I'm too 'unpredictable' (whatever that means!).

Wrestling and chasing sounds PAWSOME! I love to wrestle with Kenji too, but we mostly do it at home...didn't have much grass outside either. LOL!

Hope you have a great week!


Charlie said...

The day sounds great. I have never tried an agility course but it sure sounds like a great way to spend the day and make new friends.


Mason Dixie said...

All that rolling around I bet was a lot of fun. =) Great job with the agility classes.