May 2, 2009

White Dog's wait was rewarded mid afternoon when the delivery guy left a package at the door. She barked to let us know he was approaching, she frenzied when he put down the box, she yipped him goodbye as Steve opened the door and let her rush out. The box was addressed to Siku from her friends Benny, Hansel and Tesla (and their mom). Benny's mom regularly helps needy four-leggeds with big vet bills by raffling off beautiful gifts at their blog (the world of Hansel). Siku won the raffle which featured a soft, handmade blanket (aqua with heart). White Dog was extra surprised to find special gifts from Benny: a cuddly she named "Moe" and a bag of delicious treats (in chicken, her favorite). Benny and his family are so generous and caring! White Dog is proud and thankful that they are her friends. Thanks so much guys!


Mason Dixie said...

How awesome!!! I love packages especially with goodies in it for me. you look very cute posing with your stash. =)

Teddy Bear said...

Presents are so pawesome! How are you enjoying your new toy and blanket?

Teddy Bear

Hansel said...

That's so great that you like moe so much! mommy promises to write you soon!

K and S said...

Good for you, Siku. We love your picture with you and your goodies!!!