May 3, 2009

White Dog added a new twist to Agility Class and had no problem in quickly convincing the other dogs that her idea was a vast improvement on Jesse's instructions. For the first time ever, all of the dogs ran the course off-leash (to greater or lessor success), the owners walked along (and sometimes redirected or begged) but the pups were without direct control. Everyone did pretty well. Then White Dog decided that the group needed a better finale...final task...than just returning to the table and sitting. Jesse did not agree. On her next run, White Dog went up and over the A-Frame (the final hurdle) but stopped short of the table and began digging a hole. Once it was clearly begun, she hopped up and sat down. Steve pushed the dirt back into the hole and then it was Dragon's turn. He completed the course but also stopped at the same point and reopened the hole. Poppy, next up...same thing. By the time Daisy did her perfect run (with digging stop) it was expected. None of us are sure that we can get the AKC to change their rules to allow this at Westminster!


Teddy Bear said...

Great job everyone.:)

Teddy Bear

Hana said...

Siku, love what you and the others did with the Agility course! Job well done! Gotta keep the people on their toes.

Hey, did you get your SammySnacks yet? Where is your video?

Charlie said...

Woohoo Siku! Nice job training the other dogs! Your modification made the agility course more interesting.