May 4, 2009

White Dog was joyfully throwing Moe up into the air and then galloping to catch him or to attack him on the ground (by grabbing him and shaking him in a slam dance against the floor). I laughed and she hammed it up even more, watching to make sure I was following her antics. It was delightful to behold and when Moe landed at my feet I instinctively reached down and tossed him high in the air at White Dog. She froze and watched Moe hit the floor. Then she looked at me aghast. Then White Dog picked up Moe, looked at me once more, and took him under the couch. There she lay, Moe under her paw, and glared out. What did I do?


Hansel said...

ohhh no you threw moe! did you hurt him? did you throw him wrong? Oh poor little white dog!

K and S said...

Siku, you are not alone. When I throw Prinnie's whale after she has been playing with it, she gets offended and struts off, as if I have somehow interfered in her game. We don't mean to change your game, but rather to be a part of. xoxo