May 6, 2009

White Dog was crabby and uncomfortably warm. She finally got settled stretched in the doorway between the two halves of the house. A soothing breezing whispered through. Milo, the iguana, loves this weather and was out for a stroll. Normally the two allow benign space for the other out of respect but Milo insisted that she wanted to pass through the doorway where White Dog rested. White Dog was not about to be rousted by her scaly sibling so she held her position and growled a warning. Milo bobbed her head and opened her mouth fully (iguana threats). It was a standoff for nearly two minutes but then Milo turned and went into the bathroom to explore. Confrontation averted! But then White Dog had to get up to see what the iguana was up to.


Isis said...

well you can't just let something scaly like that explore YOUR bathroom! i mean really! Hey siku, dad found a turtle outside and i have great pictures! i've never met a turtle before.

K and S said...

I do the same thing when my brother tried to bully his way past me! My mom says I turn in to Cybil, but I just let him know who is boss, and he eventually caves to my persistence!