May 7, 2009

White Dog dipped into her trust fund and purchased a car vac as a surprise gift for Steve. She knows how much he loves his cars to be squeaky clean and is aware of just how much Eskie hair gets left behind on the seats, mats, console...pretty much everywhere. Her gift arrived today and she sat next to Steve as he opened the box and happily let out a whoop! White Dog thoroughly sniffed each component and helped Steve figure out how to attach the optional hose, the brush, and (once she "traded" to return it) the crevice tool. She opted to watch the test run from the porch once White Dog heard the noise the little vacuum made!


Teddy Bear said...

Wow, what a great gift for your Daddy. I am sure he loves it. Siku, you aren't afraid of vacuums?

Teddy Bear

Isis said...

I always try to kill kill kill vacuums! Once i really damaged one of moms :) i was so proud. :)

Siku, that was so nice of you to get your daddy. Sister STILL has isis hair in her car and i hardly ever ride in there. It's woven itself into every crevice. It's even stuck in the car carpet in the back seat. She's tried vacuuming, but, it seems like she'll always have to take part of me somewhere!

Hansel said...

Vacuum?! we run and hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide from the vacuum!

K and S said...

You are so thoughtful, Siku! I bet Dad is very pleased with his gift, but he knows in his heart that he woudn't trade your beautiful eskie hair for anything! :)