June 2, 2009

White Dog was glad to see him but was a little "iffy" about Tortuga's hospital smell and sutures. She would peek into the box to make sure the poor boy (who had lost his penis to amputation) was OK and then quickly jump onto the chair where she could watch the box without getting too close. For the next week Tortuga must stay indoors, be bathed regularly, receive treatments of antibiotic cream, and take two medications. White Dog will be a non intrusive but efficient nurse. Let's hope Tortuga's a cooperative patient.


Teddy Bear said...

I will be keeping my paws crossed for a speedy and successful recovery. I know that you will be a great nurse, Siku.:)

Teddy Bear

Hansel said...

poor poor tortuga! we'll be thinking of him!

K and S said...

Siku, I bet you are glad to have your brother back. We are so releived that he is home and on the mend!