June 3, 2009


Hansel said...

oh siku! dat waz great!

AN we got dem treats yesserday!

Oh fanks fanks fur comin ta see benny's barkday partay yesserday!

AN AN AN dem treats are safe in da fridge like dem said to do!

Charlie said...

Wow. Nice backyard you got there Siku! Lots of contraptions to explore.

Teddy Bear said...

I loved the video! You are so great at playing bring the ball. Why was it time to go in?

Teddy Bear

Isis said...

Oh siku, i really really loved the video! i never take the ball back, i always make the hoomans chase me!

K and S said...

Siku, maybe you can help teach me how to play ball. I run and get them, but I don't let my parents have it back because I take it to my "special place"!

Ps: I really like your agility course. Maybe Dad can video you doing your training on it?


Hana said...

You're playing ball right next to the unused agility equipment? It's a neat setup though!