June 4, 2009

White Dog has a white terrier admirer, Ollie, at the Park. He rushed up to greet her when she arrived today but stopped at a respectful distance, apparently knowing (or sensing) White Dog's disdain for over familiarity. Ollie spent a fair amount of time mooning and posturing. In turn, White Dog favored him with a few coy tail swishes and a LOOOONG stretched out "Back Up and Bow" before dashing off to play ball with Steve. She did look back over her shoulder to say "See you next time!"


K and S said...

Siku, I too don't like other dogs to run up to me when I don't know them well - it scares me, and then I bark to make them back off. That other dog probably wanted to be your friend because he could sense how wonderful you are (and you are beautiful too!).


Hansel said...

ISIS: I went to the park yesterday too siku! and and and, a big american bulldog was trying to get my attention, but mom made sure i didn't see him back!

Benny: i wanted to play!