June 7, 2009

White Dog--and the rest of us--are worried about Tortuga. His sutures and surgery look like they are healing. The ointment seems to be helping a lot (White Dog oversees the application every morning). However, Mr. Tortuga is not eating very much. This is especially not good because his medicine is mixed into his food...when he doesn't eat, he doesn't get all of his prescription. White Dog is in awe of his stubborn strength when it comes to refusing to open his jaws to allow the medicine syringe into his mouth to "shoot in" the liquid. She considers herself an expert when it comes to avoiding swallowing pills but Tortuga is the all time King of Medicine Mischief!

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Hansel said...

wow! we don't like meds either. Well. Benny gets his Capsules every morning for skin, which he actually sits and waits for. I think he just likes being told he's a good boy! Then, Tesla gets her pills for behavior every morning as well. I have to hold her tight- but she takes them well. I have to watch her though because she waits til i leave the room and trys to spit them out again. Sneak.

Hansel doesn't get meds ever- but when i used to give him eye drops for allergies- he'd shoot anal glands and squirm and freak out.