June 8, 2009

White Dog sometimes entertains herself by shaking one of her stuffies really hard then letting it sail across the room. Then she chases it, pounces upon it, and a new round begins. It is one of her favorite "play by myself" games. Tonight's version, however, posed a moral issue for White Dog: her fling sent Mousie onto the middle of the coffee table--where a dog with manners never goes! But wait...she threw it there...it is her toy...right? It is not like she would be taking something not allowed off of the table. We watched as she pondered her options. Finally, she tentatively placed one paw on the table's edge. Steve gasped! White Dog immediately dropped her paw and sat thinking for another minute. Then she went over, tapped Steve on the leg, and asked for his help! Right choice, made!


Hansel said...

hahhahaa well done siku! Benny has the same good manners you have! although, isis would've done it anyway!

Hana said...

My Mom says it's neat when she can see the wheels turning in my head. She says she imagines it's neat for your parents to see you pondering your options, too. We aren't "just" dogs.

Comet and BLU said...

We've faced that dilemma too. But the worst time was when we threw a nylabone and it broke through the front window while our girl was at work. We decided to leave it there and hide.