July 15, 2009

White Dog has grown up hearing us tease her with references to The Wizard of Oz since she was born at a kennel in Kansas. So when I arrived home Monday afternoon she had a ready response to my joyous tears as I hugged my family. As she jumped into my lap and squirmed with happiness she barked: "Oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like home!" And she is soooooo right! While I am by no means "cured" (rehab continues at home and will be a long process to regain my health), I feel so much better just being in my own environment able to set my own routine. White Dog and Steve are my cheerleaders as I do physical therapy; my watchful eyes as I attempt to push myself; my helpmates to accomplish what I am not ready to do; and, always, my loving reminders of why I need to work hard toward full health. There IS no place like home--especially when White Dog and Steve are waiting there.


Casper said...

Yey! So happy to hear that your Mommie is home. Hooray!!!!

Hana said...

I love the Wizard of Oz! So glad to hear your Mom is home now!!

Kim and Shar said...

So true - there IS no place like home, and we are ALL so relieved you are with those who love you most!! You may have some bad days, but nothing will ever be more rewarding than to continue to work toward good health - you are needed, probably more than you know!!

Oh, it's so good to picture you at home with your amazing family!!!

Siku, Prinnie took your advise and added her brothers to her blog, but she said that she really did enjoy all of the attention to herself for a day! :) She also wanted me to tell you that, although she doesn't often admit it, she loves her brothers very much!

Teddy Bear said...

Yayyyyyy that your Mommy is home now! All is right with the world again for you, Siku.:)

Teddy Bear

Hansel said...
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Hansel said...

hurrah! we are so excited that you are home!

pughy said...

So hapy your mum is home.. I will keep on purring she gets fully recovered real quick.

Enjoy each other..

Hugs GJ xx

Teddy Bear said...

YUmmy! Your new cookies sound and look delicious. Did you get more today?

Teddy Bear

TwoSpecialWires said...

Oh goodness. Now we at least partly understand what your moma meant when she said the year has been a scary and challenging one. If only in July you could have know what would be happening in late November. Or maybe you did. Whichever, we are thankful for the progress that your moma has made. And we look forward to your Very Special Recommitment Day.

Jake and Fergi xxoo