July 17, 2009

White Dog was watching for the mailman yesterday because she was expecting a package from her friend, Prinnie (from the blog Prinnie's Yaps). Whe he put a white box inside the door; She knew it was the one and got very excited. Unfortunately mom still is not able to bend with her head below her heart without getting lightheaded so we had to wait to get the box. BUT then "uncle" Adam called to say he was going to stop by with some flowers form his garden. SO when he showed up 15 minutes later White Dog stood in the doorway and barked and ran to the box until he understood to bring it in! She sniffed it and of course was right!

At lunchtime Steve helped open the box. We loved the packaging with its natural look and with White Dog's picture...honestly, White Dog was more interested with what was inside--blueberry treats, all natural, allergen-free. Shar (Prinnie's mommy)is the world's best treat maker!!!! White Dog is usually very picky about cookies but could not get enough of these! Finally I closed the bag and said no more until dinnertime.

When dinner came, White Dog sniffed her plate (roast beef and rice with veggies) and then went right over to where the Siku Smiles were sitting on my cart and sat there nicely and stared at the treat bag. She was allowed a few more. All evening she went over and stared at the bag but Steve told White Dog that she was going to make herself sick eating so many treats; she tried doing her best tricks (dead dog, polar bear dance, even "spoke" to ask politely) but stingy Steve would not budge--even for trades. Finally, right before bed he let her have "one more measly treat" (She thinks he is hoarding them for himself)!

Prinnie, Thank you so much for sending these delicious smiles to White Doge! We are honored to receive the first official package of Siku Smiles, you are so kind! Please also thank your parents! "You are such a good friend, Prinnie, I love you!" White Dog added.
Dugan's Barkery and their wonderful products are the brainchild of Prinnie's parents. They hand produce a whole line of all natural, allergen-free, fun dog treats. I encourage you to visit Prinnie's blog and check them out!


pughy said...

You were so patient to wait for your treats. I bet you enjoyed them very much..

Hugs GJ xx

Hana said...

Wow, Siku! You stood still for a photo even though the bag of treats were placed inches from you, and it was an OPEN bag of treats. That shows restraint. I sure hope you got a treat for doing that!

Kim and Shar said...

Siku - my mom said you just got a promotion from "Treat Tester" to "Lead Treat Tester", just like me, because any eskie that can show that level of restraint with a bag of treats sitting right in front of her, deserves a higher merit!

We thank you for your kind words. We will be rolling out our full line of treats in the next 4-6 weeks for everyone, so stay tuned.

Love and eskie kisses,

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow, you are so patient to get those treats, Siku! Me, I would jump up and down like crazy...haha! The Siku Smiles treats sound so yummy! Blueberry...don't think I've had those before! *grins*


Hansel said...

wow that's so great that you got those cool treats! And what a great name for them!

Lacy said...

w00fs Siku, me not nos how me lost u...but me found u again and gots u in me google reader..now me can keep up with u..

b safe,