July 18, 2009

White Dog and Jesse and I were slowly melting in the heat, which shouldn't have been the case because with the swamp cooler on our house makes the inside relatively comfortable. When Steve came home for lunch the first thing he said was "Boy, is it hot in here!" White Dog yipped in agreement and poor Steve (at noon) went up on the roof to see if there was a problem with the cooler. Our hero! There was a problem but not on the roof. When Jesse arrived she noticed that the hose was still on causing water to wastefully run down the drive so she turned off the spigot instead of the hose...the spigot that controls the water that feeds the swamp cooler! Once Steve discovered the problem, the fix was easy; within minutes White Dog was laying belly up in the once again cooling air flow. We both thanked Steve a thousand times and gave him the biggest half of the peach we shared with lunch!


Hansel said...

:) good thing steve came home to save you all!

pughy said...

I agree with Hansel, thank goodness Steve came home..

Hugs GJ xx

Kim and Shar said...

Oh, we share your pain - well - not so much since our AC hasn't seemed to stop running all day - it was 107 here today, and all an eskie and her brothers could do was lounge around on the tile floor, hoping for some cloud cover to divert that hot, hot sun.

Job well done, Steve!!

ps: Have we told you how happy we are that you are back to the blogging world??? xxoo

Teddy Bear said...

Daddy's are the BEST at figuring out the problem and then fixing it! I am so glad that you were able cool down after being in the sauna!

Teddy Bear

Alan said...

So happy to read you are at home once again.