July 2, 2009

White Dog and Mom say "Thanks!" to Casper for the beautiful photo - what a cheerful reminder of good friends.


Teddy Bear said...

You look so very happy to be with your Mommy again. We hope that she continues to get better.

Teddy Bear

K and S said...

Beautiful!!!!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers! Sue and Siku, you are just precious together. We showed Prinnie this picture, and, seriously, she turned to us and smiled!


Hana said...

Hm, I could have pawsworn I wrote a comment yesterday, but it's not here today.

Siku, that is great you got to see your Mom! And it is good she is well enough to be transferred to the rehab facility. How nice to see you back with your Mom. Hopefully she gets better quickly so she can be home again!

Casper said...

Wow! Thanks for framing our little get well card. We hope it will brighten your day. Here's to a quick recovery. So cool that Siku is able to visit. Casper sends lots of healing kisses your way. We took him on an adventure recently. Hopefully the pictures of flowers and gardens we posted on his blog will also entertain you as you recuperate.

Isis said...

hurrah again! so glad about you guys being together!