July 4, 2009

White Dog and I are overjoyed that we can at least be together for part of each day as I continue to gain strength in rehab. The facility allows her to come and encourage me to work hard so that I can get home soon. I feel like Tinkerbell in the children's story Peter Pan when those who believe gave her life. The loving concerns of White Dog, Steve, my wonderful DWB family and so many others, I believe, literally have saved me. I am so grateful for you all and I know I am incredibly blessed. Never did I dream that a "simple" case of pneumonia could be so tenacious - lasting so long, causing atrial fibrillation (which sent me to the hospital), and ending up with congestive heart failure. Long term prognosis is that I will return to full health. The short term rehab is to build my strength enough so that I can safely get back to White Dog and Steve at home. I miss you all and have only paper and pen with which to "blog" since the rehab's Wi Fi blocks my access to Blogspot and Facebook, so I must rely on White Dog to guide Steve as my spokesman. Know that my feelings for you go beyond appreciation. You give me motivation and power, but I want to especially thank you for the outpouring of love you have sent to White Dog during all of this . . . it has been a very difficult time for her. I cannot wait to sit at the computer with White Dog on my lap updating her diary and catching up on the adventures of each of you . . .
With your continued positive energy, that day is soon.


Teddy Bear said...

Susan, we hope that you are able to go home soon.:)

Teddy Bear

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

That is so great to hear about the good prognosis! We're still thinking about you and hope you'll get all better really soon...*grins*


K and S said...

Fantastic!!!!! So, so good to hear from you, Susan. Steve and White Dog are two very incredible souls, and each of you are truly blessed to have on another. Actually, we are the fortunate ones to have the three of you in our lives, and we are thrilled beyond belief to hear that you are gaining strength and homeward bound in what we hope will be just a few more days!

We've so missed your writing, but are also grateful that Steve and White Dog have stepped up to the plate to keep us all posted!

Our love to you all,
Kim, Shar and the gang

Casper said...

We are so happy to read that your long term prognosis is good. Hooray!

Alan said...

So happy to read you are getting better. I'm sure White Dog is ready to have you all to herself back at home.

Casper and pals said...

We are so glad that White dog gets to come and visit you.

White dog and Steve are doing a good job of keeping up the blog. We are glad of this so we can keep tabs on how you are doing.

It is great that your long term prognosis is good. Keep up the hard work at the rehab hospital and before you know it you'll be home!

Get well soon!

Woofs from Casper, Buddy, Nikki and foster dog Pixie

Isis said...

"i believe in fairies!" we will clap the life back in! :)