July 27, 2009

White Dog was tortured by one of the neighborhood c-a-t-s this afternoon. She taunts and barks at the cats of the neighborhood whenever they cross her line of vision even through the window and she is not above running the very bold ones out of our yard. (In reality, it is all a posturing game for she has always been tolerant when she encounters Brenna's of Richard's pets). You can imagine White Dog's reaction as she sat watching the neighborhood on her window perch when the black and white cat from across the street climbed up on HER electric car (which Steve had parked on the street) and curled up for a nap on its roof! The cat ignored White Dog completely and stretched and flicked its tail and cleaned his paws...the whole time White Dog was beside herself; nothing I could do distracted her as she barked and fussed. I was very grateful when she took her feline harangue outside by the fence.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

THEY have such nerve!


pughy said...

Oh dear we do like to tease.. He He He..

Hugs GJ xx

Charlie said...

Those cats! The world would be better if they were not around. Take my brother, Jack, for example.

I miss you too Siku. My mom's been negligent in updating my blog because her work takes too much of her time.


Teddy Bear said...

Kitty cats! Aghhhh! I want to chase them! I bet you would've ran him off your Dad's car if your Mom let you out.:)

Teddy Bear