August 2, 2009

White Dog and I went to check out Prinnie's latest blog. "This time it looks like it is your turn," I laughed to White Dog. This award for blogging, came with a requirement that White Dog list 10 true things about herself. "Remember the facts have to be true!" She huffed at me and thought for a minute. I looked over her shoulder as she composed, just to keep her honest...
1. I like to ride on the console in the front seat of the car. Dad calls me his "copilot."
2. I eat ice cream from a spoon and prefer a water glass (especially mom's) instead of my bowl.
3. I do not like babies or toddler human children--they play too rough and are way too hyper!
4. Loud noises scare me (like thunderstorms, or fireworks, or cars with booming bass music).
5. I do not like to wear clothes or doggles...just my collar (or a Hana necklace), thank you.
6. I sort through my food to pick out the bits that I like best.
7. I know over a dozen tricks but I will only do them if I am "in the mood."
8. I sometimes steal back my trades and try to trade them again for a second treat.
9. I sleep in a very unladylike position--flat on my back with my back legs spread wide and my front paws tucked against my chest. I also sometimes snore!
10. I am very spoiled and I know...and expect... it! (Dad says he is too!)


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Nothing wrong with #9, #9, #9!

The other items were furry interesting but #9 - WINNER!

Tank woo fur sharing your skhrap!


Kim and Shar said...

Siku - oh my gosh - I think we are twins! I read your 10 things, and mine are nearly identical, especially #'s4,5 9 and 10! Two great minds......


Teddy Bear said...

I loved learning more about you, Siku.:)

Teddy Bear

Lacy said...

w00fs, me sleeps like that too..

b safe,

pughy said...

Now why wouldn't you be spoiled.. When you are as cute as that...

Hugs GJ xx

Dory's Backyard said...

Siku, you are adorable!! We came here from Teddy's blog and just wanted to say hi & we like your bloggie!!