September 22, 2009

White Dog was very nervous when Milo, the iguana, decided it was mischief day. She knew the reptile would be totally unreasonable and difficult when it became obvious that the green one's target was the bathroom. Normally we just let Milo wander in and hop in the tub if she wants, but Tortuga was staying there because it is (surprisingly) cold outside and we haven't set up her winter home. White Dog and and Milo had a discussion at the doorway with much head-bobbing, throat inflating, and huffing on the lizard's part. The wise Eskie backed down and came to get help when Milo started swinging her tail. By the time I got there, Milo had climbed into the tub on top of the startled tortoise. I took her out and then spent the next twenty minutes turning her around and saying "No, you can't go that way!" Poor White Dog paced nervously in the hall. Finally Milo moved out into the hallway and I was able to close the door to the bathroom. White Dog watched from a safe distance as the stubborn iguana scratched at that door for ten minutes, determined to get in, before she finally turned and went back to her perch in the office. White Dog checked to make sure Tortuga was OK (he was unfazed as usual) and then needed a nap.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'd need a nap after all that TOO!

Tank woo fur the khompliments!

PeeEssWoo: My word is POTION!

pughy said...

Crikey poor white dog is having the work cut out at the moment.. Glad peace was restored in the end.. Hugs GJ x

Teddy Bear said...

Woweeee, all that hard work! You didn't get hit by Milo's tail did you? I hope not. 65 degrees sounds like heaven right now. I'm so happy that you have fall weather.:)

Teddy Bear

Isis said...

oh boy siku, i don't think i could live with other animals. I'd try to eat them. When ben was here for that week i started getting really really grumpy at the end.

Kim and Shar said...

Boy Siku - you sure do have an awful lot of responsibility for one little eskie! Thank goodness Mom had you to help guard over your siblings. Silly Milo, he was determined, wasn't he??

PS -please apologize to mom and dad for our tardiness with comments to your posts - we have been very busy, but are doing our best to catch up. We just love your stories!

Prinnie and my family

Hana said...

Your crew sure has a lot of personality!