September 4, 2009

White Dog and Steve huddled over my left foot and had a "doctor's" consult in hushed voices. I complained that my foot hurt when I awakened and Steve, thinking it a cramp, started to massage it. When he hit the big toe I screamed in pain. This prompted White Dog to jump up on the bed next to him for a closer look. They sniffed, they rotated the toe, they pressed the flesh. No bruise or swelling. Nothing bone-like seemed out of place (yet the pain felt like the toe was broken). Finally with White Dog holding my ankle with her paw Steve saw a small red spot and pushed...YIKES!!!! Both instantly agreed (and the visiting nurse confirmed their diagnosis) that I have a staph infection in my big toe. Unfortunately, neither of my home "doctors" could write a prescription for antibiotics and my regular Dr. was off celebrating the holiday early. It took nearly all day to get the covering physician to review the situation we called in and to verify with the nurse before medication was made available. In the meantime, White Dog insisted I keep the foot elevated and sniffed the foot each time I moved from the chair. She gave her report to Steve when he came in after work carrying the pharmacy bag.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm glad Dr White Dog and Steve were there fur woo!

Please take khare!


pughy said...

Hurray for white dog.. Keep up the good work and I hope the foot is better soon..

Hugs GJ xx

Teddy Bear said...

Oh I hope your Mom's big toe is ok. We are sending lots of prayers her way.

Teddy Bear

Mack and Sally Ann said...

You must take care of your Mommy. You were a good doctor.

Kim and Shar said...

Oh no - thankfully you were able to get the antibiotics. Those infections can be a real challenge!!! Please be careful and get to the hospital if it gets any worse! We'll call you tomorrow, but until then, know our hearts are with you!

Hats off to your amazing Steve and Siku!

Hansel said...

at least you were able to get it all under control! Ben had an infection with the little bumps all over his right side of his belly. Strange- but with some nice clavamox, he's back to normal!