December 17, 2009

White Dog and I just returned from shopping for her Sunday Barkday Party. As she helps Steve unpack groceries, I quickly find a place to stash a few "surprise" items we picked up for her. She has decided on a menu of "Chicken Three Ways" for her four-legged friends so we purchased the ingredients for pollo con arroz and chicken strips wrapped in bacon; these will be garnished with some lovely chicken breast jerky we found. The two-legged friends will brunch on breakfast sausage and bacon as well as Steve's famous cheesy spinach and mushroom enchiladas in green chile sauce. White Dog originally requested a carrot cake but was seduced by the luscious smell of banana cake coming from the bakery...she could barely restrain herself when she saw the cake was covered in lofty waves of cream cheese frosting and dusted with cinnamon. We have chosen greenies biscuits, the new Hana's Hearts from Dugan's Barkery (peanut butter and apple flavored) and stuffed cow bones for gift bags...organic chocolate bars for the humans. Groceries are stowed and Steve must return to his office; White Dog sits next to me at the computer and looks pointedly over at the vacuum cleaner as I reassure her the house will be guest perfect for "her" day.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I khan sense all the excitement building!

Mom is starting to drool at just the thought of khream cheese frosting!


Teddy Bear said...

It is going to be SOME party. You have chosen a delicious menu.:)

Teddy Bear

Ginger Jasper said...

What a fabulous array of treats there.. MUm and I were quite in awe of all the goodies.. Hugs GJ x

Sagira said...

Oh...sounds like a lot of fun and yummy food.

Casper and pals said...

What a menu! Sounds like so much fun!