December 18, 2009

White Dog, freshly home from her pre-holiday grooming is fluffy and blindingly white; she smells fresh and sports a tartan red bow on her collar. In other words, White Dog is ready to embrace the social whirl of Barkday Parties, and Open Houses, and friends dropping by, and visits to cohorts. For once she did not go directly out to the yard and roll when she got back from grooming. Elegant and ladylike White Dog sat in her window perch surveying her kingdom...until the delivery truck stopped in front of the house. The frenzying, excited beast barking at the UPS guy and clamoring to reach the package was barely recognizable as the seconds before genteel and aloof princess. Sure enough, the box WAS for White Dog but it is another surprise that she must wait to open! "This is pure sniffing torture!" she wailed.


Teddy Bear said...

You are so smart to know that you've been dolle up for your barkday pawty and the flurry of guests that will be visiting during Christmas time.:) I bet the red bow looks stunning on you! Oh the torture of not being able to open a package! I'm so glad that Christmas is just one week away.

Teddy Bear

The Animal Doctor said...

Hi Siku,
We've been following your blog, and enjoy reading your posts very much. We think you are a very pretty and intelligent dog too.

Scarlet, of the Animal Doctor's blog

Kim, Shar, Digby and Prinnie said...

Siku, when I was a pup, I would try my best to sneak into my presents without anybody knowing. Do you do that too? My mom said that when she was a youngster a hundred years ago, she would find her presents, unwrap them very carefully, and then wrap them back up so her mom wouldn't know. It's just torture not to have thumbs, isn't it??


ps: My mommy said that she is really worried that the box that brother and I sent on Wednesday for your barkday party hasn't arrived yet. Mommy called the postman, who didn't understand my urgent barks that they get it delivered to you by tomorrow. Paws crossed, Siku!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It won't be much longer!

PeeEssWoo: I have snow arriving any minute!!!

Hansel said...

oh white dog remember that our barkday present to you is in your giant christmas box! we also included a nice note for you to read AFTER you look at all the contents- so that everyone knows what's what and who it's all for!

The OP Pack said...

We bet she looks just beautiful. We have to go to the groomer next week, something about getting the extras out of our coats - hey it's cold here, we need our furs.

Woos, the OP Pack

TwoSpecialWires said...

We couldn't wait! And when we say "we" we mean the PEOPLE! 'Cause "they" (the kids) are at the home of their Rescue Angel as "we" the two-leggeds are about to leave to be with Florida family! (Does this make any sense? Somehow Jake and Fergi do a better job at blogging!) Anyhow, White Dog must totally understand our surprise and joy when the mail lady came with a special box for us! (All of us!)

For the short term (meaning a few days while we travel and settle in) we'll simply say "Wow! Thank you!" And in more detail we'll later share our delight!

We are SURE you look stunning, Siku Marie! Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Jake and Fergi's people, and Jake and Fergi (in absentia!)