April 12, 2010

White Dog loves the warm days of Springtime canyon winds that come sweeping through our neighborhood and dance through her fur and make everything in the yard sway to its song. Quinn, on the other hand, has seemed a little timid of the flapping and whooshing noises. This afternoon as I sat cleaning my brushes, I looked out to see White Dog and Quinn standing side-by-side. It seemed as though White Dog was teaching her brother how to enjoy the gusts because everything she did, he copied...she stood squarely into the wind...so did Quinn...she threw her back and closed her eyes in bliss...he did the same...she shook her whole body for maximum floofiness...Quinn followed suit. Then they just stood; shoulder to shoulder; and White Dog didn't mind that he was crowding her space; and Quinn didn't seem a bit nervous. After a while White Dog came in and hopped up to join me. Seconds later, Quinn came bounding into the house in near zoomies he was so pleased with himself. White Dog broke the spell by barking a territorial growl at Quinn for using her entry. But for a brief few minutes...


Casper and pals said...


Amy and The House of Cats said...

It is so good that Quinn is learning to enjoy the simple things like standing in the warm breeze. He is leaning so well from Siku how to just relax and be happy!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Small steps...small steps!


Ben said...

The simple things in life are best. I love when the wind blows through my hairdo - it means I am alive.
good job quinn.

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Wow, y'all are such good singers. I hope y'all can help me record our first album. Siku, you are trainning your big little brother well.

Teddy Bear said...

Good job, Siku. I'm so glad that you are teaching Quinn such great things!

Teddy Bear

Cappy the Eskie said...

Standing shoulder to shoulder in the wind . . . that sounds like a *Kodak Moment*.

Hugs and yips,

Charlie said...

You captured the moment quite well. I hope more moments like that will come for Siku and Quinn.

Btw, the move in date is April 29


Prinnie and Digby said...

I'm sharing in your journey, my BFF!! I, too, don't want the parents to know that a part of me likes being the big sister and teaching the new kid the ropes. There ARE moments that I think I might like her, just as you with brother Quinn. My tolerance is growing and it sounds like yours is too! But never to let down the guard, we girls must remind them who is boss, right??

Love you my friend,

Kari in WeHo said...

my pups are no fans of the wind