December 22. 2010

White Dog is celebrating her Sixth Barkday today! Where has the time gone? And yet so much has changed since December of 2004. I know for certain that life and its experiences would be very very different if Siku Marie was not a part of our family, and my soul. If you read our blog regularly we hope that it is abundantly clear how loved this fluffy, white, big-hearted, independent-thinking Eskie girl truly is.

White Dog and I started our day with our usual ritual…she cuddles against me to waken me and I stroke her face. I tell her I love her, mi perrita blanca de mi Corazon…but today, for the first time ever…we were then bombarded by siblings, the White Dog Army, Quinn, Nuka, and Puff charging in with Steve to bark, “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!” and to eat dog treats in bed before breakfast!

Tonight we will party with her favorite foods and family time. This morning she and dad greeted the morning alone, together, at the Park. And in between we will periodically check our comments to read what kindnesses our friends have left…and see how well our Comment-A-Thon is going. Please let us know you have been by (at least once)!

Remember, from now until midnight Wednesday, the 22nd, every comment earns fifty cents in a donation to fund Canine Cancer Research.

Although we had hoped this would honor our friend, Luke, and his victory over the horrible monster, it has turned out that Luke is once again fighting for his life. It is vital that we unite to send the Power of the Paw to him and to work as hard as we can in every realm to eliminate this disease. Too many suffer. Too many loved ones are lost. Please support our efforts by commenting and commenting again and spreading the word. Do it for Luke. Do it for Siku's Birthday. Do it because Cancer.Touches.Everyone.

Happiest of Birthdays, Siku Marie! This is your life:


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I hope I have better lukhk THIS time...

SO, Happy WHITE DOG Day!!!!!!

How fitting your December 2004 parallels many things that happened to my mom during that same month and pawmit me to be HERE!

The joy of your day is someone tempered by the news of The Luke YET your day and the khomments will help The Luke, Blueberry, and the others -

NOW, off to watch the video -

I'll return to khomment afterwards ;-)


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Yes, what a wonderful world!

And woo had a lot to do with that!

PeeEssWoo: I'll see if Khousins Merdie and Harley khan stop by later today ;-)

5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

Happy Barkday Siku Marie!
Much luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

Reskie Ellie said...

Hello, Siku Marie,
Here in California it is still the eve of your sixth birthday, so we are sending preliminary greetings for your big Barkday tomorrow!

Reskie Ellie and
The Fysh Sun Dog Pack


Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Happy Birthday Siku! We hope you have a great one with lots of treats.

Angel and Princess and the mangy cats

Teddy Bear said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Siku!!! We hope you are having the bestest day ever!!! We'll be crossing our paws for Luke.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear said...

We loved your birthday video.:)

Teddy Bear

Kea said...

We came from the CB to wish Siku a wonderful birthday! And to say we hope the comment-a-thon is a huge success -- such a fantastic cause.

Happy Birthday!

-The Fuzzy Tales crew

Reskie Ellie said...

Happy Barkday, Siku,
Now that it is officially totally your special DAY!

You must be so proud to be the reason for so many beautiful comments and wishes!

Here's wishing you a great 7th year!

Reskie Ellie and
The Fysh Sun Dog Pack

P.S. Mom says she just posted a message but doesn't see it, so she's sending another one, here! But you can't get too many Happy Barkday greetings, now, can you?


Oorvi said...

Happy Barkday to you:) Siku Marie.
I hope Luke gets well soon and that his illness goes away for ever.

Licks n wags,


Woo hoo cha-ching. Easy way to help and thanks for including us.

Happy barkday!

HoundDogMom said...

Happy BarkDay to you. Stopped by to say Hi. Great thing you are doing to celebrate your barkday and we have sent the power of the paw to Luke. The HoundDogs

EskieKeKe said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!! Siku Marie.

We are celebrating with doggie ice cream, yummie treats and birthday hats....we love to celebrate Birthdays!
Rescue Eskies

Licks, licks, licks & Love
NormaJean ChipChip KeKe & B.J.

The Thundering Herd said...

Happy Birthday White Dog! We loved the video (that has always been one of our favorite songs).

Ginger Jasper said...

I am so sorry to be late but am here now and just seen the gorgeous pictures of the baby Siku. I didnt know you when you started blogging but have been so glad to know you these past two years and have seen so many changes in your life. I have read and followed sometimes with bated breath to see how things are going, happy, sad and funny things I love what you are doing with the comentathon and will do my upmost to get back although it may be after mums work tonight. I will go now and watch the video. HAPPY BARKDAY to my woofie friend Siku. Hugs GJ xx xxxxx

Ginger Jasper said...

I am back and just been to see your video. What a beautiful tribute for your Barkday Siku. Just Lovely and Congratulations on all those posts. I forgot to say in my last comment that the sound of all your siblings running in to the bedroom together was music to my ears. Hugs GJ x

Mack said...

What a wonderful video of such a beautiful girl -
We hope this is your happiest barkday yet!

Mack & family!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

We heard a special birthday is today from Hans! Hope you have a wonderful, love filled day!!!

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hi Siku Marie

We haven't met yet, but any friend of the Luke's is a friend of ours. We are so sad his cancer is getting worse. Thanks for mentioning him on your big day, and Happy White Dog Day, it is wonderful to meet you.

Daisy and Tucker

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for doing this comment-a-thon. I think it is a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday and supporting dogs with cancer. Warm wishes to Luke and to you!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Happy White Dog Day!

What a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful life!

SuziQCat said...

Happy Birthday Siku!

The Bumpass Hounds said...

HAPPY WHITE DOG BARKDAY> We'll celebrate here because we celebrate every new day (we don't really need a reason but it's nice to have one). We've lighted a Christmas candle for our blog buddy The Luke and asked all of our friends to invoke The Power of The Paw on his behalf. We're all praying for The Luke and also for his mom, Ms. Amanda. These are special souls going through a difficult time. Thank you for your focusing attention on canine cancer. We've lost 3 siblings, Penny, Chance and Gordon, to this terrible affliction. Let's all pray for The Luke while we celebrate the White Dog's Barkdat.
- Homer J., Jubal, J.E.B., Sophie, Shelby Belle, Jack, Abbey, Max, Shiloh, Radar, Patti, Alex, Boru, Jenny, and Gracie = The Bumpass Hounds and Kitties (TBH&K)

Linda said...

Happy Barkday, White Dog!

MJB said...

Happy Birthday Siku Marie. I love your blog and look forward to reading it for many years to come.

Have a great day with your family!!

Cara n Crew said...

We hope we haven't arrived too late! Happy Birthday, Siku Marie! And here's to many more!

We send our purrs and prayers for Luke.

Fraidy cats Pip, Smidgen,Minnie, and Hollie too

pam said...

We HATE the dreaded C word here at Casa Sweet so are glad to do whatever we can.

Bobo and Meja and Mommy

Brian said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet Siku, you are so very special!!!

Kristine said...

How good of you to support this vital cause! I am just stopping by from the Thundering Herd site and was amazed by your generosity. If there were more people like you in this world, well, I don't know if I would be afraid of anything any more.

Happy holidays!

meowmeowmans said...

Happy barkday, sweet Siku Marie! We hope you have a wonderful day, filled with all the things you love the most. :)

We are purring and praying for Luke.

P.S. - We really loved your slideshow/video.

Samantha said...

Happy 6th Barkday, pretty White Dog! And yes... miracles do happen when we join in the Power of the Paw - keep fightin' dear Luke. Sending prayers.
Hugs xoxoxo
Sammie and Avalon

Cappy the Eskie said...

Happy Barkday Siku !

We know that you're going to have a day filled with much love and happiness.

You and your family make this a better world.

We love the tribute video of your life.

Hugs and yips,
Cappy and Ollie

Sarge said...

Hey White Dog!
Happy Barkday to you! Thanks for doing such a super-duper good thing to help fight off the sickies. This is a GREAT cause and I'm thrilled to comment and support it. Sending healing thoughts to Luke.
Grr and Woof,

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Happy Barkday Siku!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to the beautiful sweet White Dog - we hope you have a great day and a fantastic year ahead of you.

Happy Holidays to all.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Furkidsmom said...

Happy Barkday! We loved the video!!

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Beautiful Girl!


Stella said...

Happy Birthday again, Siku! We are offering you our best wishes in the name of The Luke who is pretty sick. We love him like everybody who knows him does.

We are happy you are donating your green papers for Cancer Research, its soooo needed.

My Kitty Sister Ali Z is going to write you too.


Stella said...

I am Ali Zophia, Stella's Kitty sister and I want to meow Happy Birdday to you.

Its too many sick things going on these days and we want everybody (even the dogs) to get well and stay well.

Thank you for doing this good Birdday Celebration event.

Meow, Meow,

Ali Zophia

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Siku!! Happy Happy 6th Birthday!! We got curious yesterday to see when we started following you - our first comment was last year on your 5th birthday! Wow so much has changed for you in just the past year - you have a whole army of white dogs there with you now!

Of course we have to sing you our favorite birthday song on this special day!!

What day is today?
It's Siku's Birthday!!
What a day for a Birthday!
Let's all have some cake!!

We hope you have a wonderful, fun, treat filled Birthday!!!

Prints the Cat said...

Yappy Barkday to you!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to our White Pup friend! We hope you have a wonderful day full of adventure and goodies.

Piappies World said...

Happy Barkday, Siku Marie!

Have a wonderful time! We are also keeping our paws crossed for Luke. We are praying that he gets well please.

Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

rottrover said...

Hey White Dog! Merry Christmas :-) We came over from The Thundering Herd to help support cancer research. We've lost several pack members to the c-monster and want to help any way we can. Thanks.

Prinnie,Digby and Atka said...

HAPPY BARKDAY, my BFF! I am SO grateful you were born on this day.


Prinnie,Digby and Atka said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful girl! We LOVE that you are a part of our heart family, and send you our very best wishes for another amazing year

I know, you're telling Mom she needs to get a grip on her big heart because the more babies she rescues, the more chores you have to keep them all in order! What's a girl to do??


Aunt Shar and Aunt Kim

Anonymous said...

SIKU!!! it is us, Hansel, Tesla & Ben Ben -- just not signed in! mom wanted to make sure we got to stop by and wish you a wonderful wonderful barkday, and hope it is filled with wonderful goodness! Our package should be arriving at your house today, filled with love and surprises, and do NOT open until christmas morning!!! WE hope that you have the best day ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy barkday!

And our thoughts go out to Luke - hang in there buddy!

floofy kisses from Anne & Dashi

Remington said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with joy and laughter! ENJOY!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Hi White Dog!

It's Khyra's 'Khousin Merdie' -

The calm one that comes to Khamp Khyra -

I wish woo a furry happy Siku Day!!!!!!

It is pawesome woo will be sending green paper$ fur that nasty C thing -

I know he's The Daisy's BUT I'm sweet on The Luke too!

Golden Drools,
P.S. I see my goofy brother coming...gotta let him paw something!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Hello White Dog Army -

I want to woof the VERY beaWOOtiful Siku Marie a special barkday!!!!!!

I'm Khyra's new cousin Harley -

I'm the handsome Golden one that was lucky enough to find some nice - but KHRAZY - people to help me find a stable FUREVER home!

You are a VERY special Eskie to be doing such a great thing as a celebration of the bloggy posts AND your birfday!

Please keep up the GReat job!

I hear my sisfur Merdie snoring The Luke's name in her sleep so I know she's sad about his CANCER thing -

Looking forward to reading more of your fun when I'm able to snag Merdie's iPhone!

Puppy Zooms & Vrooooms!

Kari in WeHo said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry I can't type more but wanted to send you our love.


Lacy said...

w00fs, happu day white dog...so happy to have met a caring group of people and doggys...we have lost soo many friends to that nasty illness and sooo many friends still in battle with it...

b safe,

Anonymous said...

happy birthday and hope you enjoy the treats

Rebecca said...

We thought we would stop by and leave another comment. :) We watched the video and we loved it. It is amazing how fast they grow up! Can you believe she is six? I cant believe that Daisy is just shy of one...

Deborah said...

I've sent the Power of Paw to Luke.
Happy Birthday!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, no, we're so sorry we're a day late. We would have loved to participate to help your commentathon for Cancer research.

We will go check on Luke.

And a belated Happy 6th Barkday.

Terica said...

from our dog Ginger Happy Bark day !

ABBY said...

A furry happy birthday to you Siku Marie.What a wonderful warm loving family you have -- and we wish you many many more birthdays.


MoMo said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely Siku!!

I am a kitty but there was a white doggie who shared my SS's childhood many years ago. He is still very much missed by the family.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Thanks for leaving us a comment. So glad to learn we aren't too late. We spread the word and hope you get a bunch more comments! For a good cause.

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...

Hello, White Dog named Siku! I am a Red Cat named Tenzing! Happy Birthday! I had my first birthday not long ago and got LOTS of TOYS to play with! I hope you did too!


Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Happy Birthday Siku!!!!!!!!!!
We had to drop by and give you good wishes.
Holding a commentathon is such a nice thing to do.We wish you much success and lots of happiness too :)

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Jacqueline said...

Happy 6th Birthday, gorgeous Siku Marie!...We loved your beautiful video, and yes, it is a wonderful world with friends like you and your family in our life...We hope you have a fun celebration with your awesome parents, sweet Michael and precious siblings, sweet girl...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Reskie Ellie said...

Happy 6th Barkday, Siku Marie,

We just watched your beautiful Barkday video and now we know you even better! Mom and I are so happy to have found your White Dog Diary this month!

As new friends we haven't read very many days of your diary, but as an only dog I especially liked the first one we read, on December 15th, about how the White Dog Pack is learning to share.

Please keep sharing, and we'll keep reading! Enjoy the last hours of your special day, and the Christmas holidays and New Year ahead.

(((tailwags))) from
Reskie Ellie and
The Fysh Sun Dog Pack


Prinnie,Digby and Atka said...

BFF, that is the BEST video ever! It made my eyes drip a little! I love you,


Jacqueline said...

Siku, we are praying and purring for your friend, Luke, to beat this terrible disease; best of luck to him and his family=this is a wonderful thing you and your parents are doing to help such an important cause...We are always so impressed with you guys and honored to be your friends...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Jacqueline said...

We LOVE how you guys spread LOVE around=your kind hearts and generous nature inspire it and we thank you for that...big hugs, sweet friends...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Brian said...

Thanks for the nice comments. You must have missed the Moosie news, it's here: Moosie Update

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Siku! So I had to show the kitties your slideshow when we got home and Virgil was mesmerized by how beautiful you were in all your pictures! And the cats don't usually pay attention to anything other than meowing coming from the computer, so that is a high compliment! And we are so excited at how many of the CB cats came by - we hope you get lots more comments!!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Sending birthday wishes and good cheer as you celebrate your birthday. This is so nice that you are having a commentathon.
Wishing many more birthdays to come filled with love and happiness.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khyra's Cousin Abby from Phoenix here!

What a great thing you are doing here -

I had a Golden Retriever sisfur named Sierra - she crossed almost five years ago now - I miss her furry much -

Khyra shares many of her furiends blog posts with me so I was glad to join and wish you a GREAT Birthday!!!!!!

Lab-brigail Licks -


midnight rainbow said...

Happy Birthday Suki! Every dog deserve doggie treats in bed on their birthday!!

HWD, Candace, Gregg and The Pups said...

Happy Birthday Siku! We are long time readers, but rarely comment. You do sooo much good with your blog - sharing, donating, helping - more than most people. We remember the little white puff that Sue and Stephen brought home... and now the "older" sister to others. We have watched you grow and can't imagine life without you. Love to you and your family. Another post to help your cause. :) - Love, Candace, Gregg, and the Honorary White Dog -Dragon

Cappy the Eskie said...

Hi Siku,

In honor of your Barkday, we did a small tribute to you.

Please check out our blog.

Hugs and yips,
Cappy and Ollie

TwoSpecialWires said...

You are so special Siku Marie. Even on your birthday you share and give, thinking of the greater good around you. We hope you had the happiest of birthdays. You so richly deserve it.

Much love
Jake and Fergi
OurMoma and NinaGirl

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Jan told uSSSSS about you and we had to come and visit!

What a wonderful video! We hope this is your happiest barkday yet!

TK and Squashies said...

Happy Belated Barkday Siku!